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24 August 2010 @ 09:49 pm
finally: tackey, 14th august @ yokohama arena  
ok… so a takcey con report… *goesoverallhermemosabouttackeycon*

well. this will be more of a “report” than actual report.. things will probably not be in any chronological order.. they are in the order stuff pops into my mind and the order I have written things down after the con (again, not in chronological order).. why? simply because: i don’t remember the actual order XD

our seats were in nishi blog on the stand, row 6 seats 118 and 119. bad seats? no-no-no. good seats? hell yeah. we sat right in the middle. meaning: right in front of the stage (well, not the main stage.. but, well. here’s the pic of the stage that I took from our seats)


the pic doesn’t really give the right picture at all.. it makes the stage look like it’s way more far off than it actually was.. and we really did have REALLY good wiev to the stage. at that point it didn’t really matter to me that we we’re at the stand, not at the arena or anything. who cared, I’d get to see tackey, and he would be standing not too far away from me XD (I know we could have got better seats too, but if anyone claims those seats were bad, they just need new glasses!)
AND!!! when tackey came on his cart (somewhere in the middle of the show), did we have a great view? well, can’t speak for suvi, but I sure did! ^__^ I’ve been few meters away from tackey *throwsaparty* the cart was a small plane, if anyone is interested to know XD

very first thing we did after arriving to yokohama arena was the concert goods stands. I got myself a poster and, as promised, the pamphlet for [info]vivi000. (and because in the end line just kept growing outside, we bought our tackey ranger bags from the inside)

we didn’t get uchiwas for tackey con, and tackey didn’t have his own penlights so we had to survive the con without holding anything in our hands (really missed our kat-tun penlight every now and then) *laughs* we spotted at least some kat-tun penlights (no more pain tour) and some eito penlights in the audience.. yeah, we definitely should have took our kat-tun penlights with us.

the concert started with a “welcome to tackey resort” video with a Barbie(?) doll as a host. at some point there was a huge panic at the vid, because “black tackey” had entered the resort… leading us to tackey’s entrance. he was way above the stage, singing…. and looking REALLY good (there was some shooting and stuff before he came to the stage, but I was more interested to see tackey, so I think I missed the juniors) *laughs*

and of course there were tackey calls.. first the right side (our right side) did the calling, then the left side, then us (the front).. but of course, because it’s tackey… there wasn’t just tackey calls.. there was also mis snow man and question? calls of course. then there were tsubasa and takitsuba calls.. and yokohama calls, of course..
but besides those, that made at least some sense, we we’re also getting yamapi, toma, news and kanjani calls too.. it was kind of strange, but somehow it suited tackey XD

what else… we had tackey coming to the stage as a “yankee-tackey” (he was very bad boy XD he even climbed over the fence to the audience! a true yankee indeed)! but I must say the yankee coat suited him. hmmm.. *insertrandomdaydreaming*

tackey also came to the stage as “tackey-baby”. there was also a babypics of tackey and his mom talked (well, she wasn’t there talking, but there was a recording) about how tackey was as a baby and how he is now etc. and then, tackey in baby clothes XD with some of mis snow man as his babysitters!

beside yankee-tackey and baby-tackey there was, of course, tackey ranger! the audience gets to dance the “taki-ranger” dance.. (basicly that’s doing t, a, k and I.. well, the idea is pretty similar to ymca) XD and there was also a tackey ranger mascot (I sort of feel sorry for the guy inside the mascot outfit, it must have been awfully hot!)
BUT, the best of the tackey ranger part was definitely the tackey ranger outfit!! (well, sure, it was pink, and it was funny.. but I SOOOOO want the shoes!!! what’s the odds that tackey’s foot is same size as mine? small? I thought so *getsalldepressed*)

ok.. back to basics.. what happened. oh, yes, the little kid! at some point of the con tackey asked 2 mis snow man members to find someone for him from the audience. so they end up brining this cutest little boy, who apparently wasn’t sure wether he should be excited or scared. they sit the boy in the chair in the middle of the stage and tackey asks him some questios.. tho the kid didn’t really give answers to his questions XD in the end tackey asked wether the boy liked “warui otoko” or “ii otoko” better”… (warui otoko was the answer tackey was going for, but the boy didn’t want to say he liked bad guys *laughs*) so in the end tackey faked the boys answers himself XD (at that point I was just cracking up)..
but well, at least the boy got a pic of him and tackey (who was making funny faces to the camera).. I’m sure kid’s mum loved the pic! *laughs*

during the mc tackey talked about doing concerts with tsubasa (not promising anything, tho). he talked a lot about “what if we had 24 hours con” and stuff. that got the audience really excited XD tho in that case everyone needed a futon instead of a chair (in my opinion, a pillow and a blanket would be just fine *packsupherstuffandisreadytogo*) XD and because we shouldn’t for get the mainstarts, tackey and tsubasa would have futons on the stage, too. *laughs* well, all we can do is wait and see XD

there was also some sort of introduction of mis snow man, or something like that, and tackey got to tease the boys (ignore some of them at first and stuff)… then mis snow man stayed on the stage and tackey went behind the light door to change clothes…. I don’t know what mis snow man was doing on the stage during that time, I was too busy watching tackey’s shadow changing clothes XD (and *coughs* thinking dirty things *coughs*)

the only thing at the con I was missing, was hikari hitotsu. I was bit disappointed we only got the chorus during a song medley. but then, I got venus! (that song compensates a lot. I really love the song!)… tho the start was.. I’m not sure wether I shouls call it scary, or just weird. tackey had this long blond wig and he was singing really badly…  but in the end he tossed the strange outfit aside and gave us very nice venus performance (oh, the dance *dies*)

BUT… the best part of the con was the encore.. no doubts about that… seriously, tackey gave us ERO DANSU 2010… do I just love that man or what??? and his entrance for the encore wasn’t too bad either.. he was sitting in a chair, on a flying stage over the main stage.. and then the flying stage starts to roll… when tackey is upside down, it stops for a while, and then continues again. and tackey just stares the whole time XD

but yeah… when tackey got to the stage… music moaning starts to play and basically there is a small ocean of shirtless men boys dancing dirty…

ok. so that's something.. XD i take no resposibility of any typos or grammatical mistakes. i've woken up at 5:30, been at work for 8 hours, and now my shoulder is trying to kill me. and i'm gonna have to wake up early tomorrow as well. so i didn't spell check anything. if there are any fatal mistakes in the context, you may let me know! XD
Mood: soresore
Music: takizawa hideaki - hikari hitotsu
yamada2yukiyamada2yuki on September 9th, 2010 12:25 pm (UTC)
Hi,I found out your blog while I was browsing tackey's community..
I need your help ne..Can I know where can I watch or download
Hideaki Takizawa 2005 Concert-Arigato 2005 Nen Sayonara?
I know this is too sudden but I really wanna watch that concert..I can't find it anywhere T_T
Thanks in advance..
miniliel: tackey orthrosminiliel on September 9th, 2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
hi, sorry but i don't think i'm able to help you, cause i don't know where to find it either. ;__;

yamada2yukiyamada2yuki on September 9th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
it's ok^^
I found it on a streaming site..
Anyway,thanks for the reply^^
miniliel: tackey smileminiliel on September 9th, 2010 02:50 pm (UTC)
hey ^__^ glad you found it!