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26 July 2010 @ 06:39 pm
kt-tun, july 24th @ tokyo dome  
ok, so.... the somesort of report about kat-tun's dome concert.. (and what can i still remember about it)

well, me and [info]amaterashu got to the dome quite early, so at least we didn't have to line up for the concert goodies.. i got koki uchiwa (naturally) and penlight.. i thought the penligth was bit expencive (1200yen) but you CAN'T go to dome con without a penlight, right?? suvi got nakamaru and ueda (yuc) uchiwas and penlight, too... (and during the concert i was being hit by ueda uchiwa way too many times... luckily i did not get serious injuries after touching his pic!!!) XD

the dome was great! even tho we sat quite back we saw the whole stage. (i do have few pics of the stageset, that i took before there were too many people inside that i can post later). but the fact i liked, about the setting, was that they had KAT-TUN written there, but the letter A was turned sideways (vertically). somehow i liked that gesture (in your face, akanshi).

but, the highlights of the con.... (in no order!!)

*koki's solo: worth paying the ticket! seriously! that was just hilarious XD i would pay the ticket and more just for that solo performance! (and by no means has that anything to do with the fact it was koki).. during that solo suvi claimed i had quite similar look on my face, that when we're watching kanjani con and they're showing ohkura on screen.....
......but just imagine what my face would have looked like, if the one performing that solo had been ohkura..... *fangirling* *faints* *morefangirlingandfainting*

*taguchi's solo was ok... nothing special.. just ok. i found the song bit boring, but taguchi was so sweet for trying so hard.

*nakamaru's solomedley was really nice. i like most of his solos, so i did enjoy it. i think he could have made it more show-y like, but keeping it simple somehow suited him.

*ueda's solo.... don't even get me started!! singin in english is a good idea?? NO! singing a random electrotechnosong is a good idea? NO!! seriously... if his intention was to kill the audience with laughter, he did a great job (and stating that made me being hit by ueda-uchiwa)... AND!!! even our dear ueda-fangirl [info]amaterashu can't claim the song was good!! (for which i'm really, really happy. otherwise i would have had to lock her up in a mental institute)
---and now she hit me with kanjani photobook.. at least there is no ueda in that book!!! i don't mind being hit with my lovely tacchon ^__^

*kame's solo was... funny. really. i think kame was cool. and even looked good... except, when he was trying to look sexy and dance at the same time... that's when he only managed to look funny and make me laugh. and he also got bitten by kisumai (don't recognize them from each others, so can't say wich one bite him) and turned into a "oh, so smexy" vampire..... and at some point, he started to bite around, and tried to eat kisumai (who just kept popping up even tho they were supposed to be dead or something)..

after kame's solo nakamaru got on stage wearing a dentist's suit... and tried to fix kame's tooth. with no luck. kame also bit nakamaru, but that had no effect on our dentist. but kame liked nakamaru anyway (kimi ga suki dakara) XD
after kame left stage nakamaru stayed there in his dentist outfit and started making inhuman voices (also known as beat boxing). i still think it's not natural for a human to make that kind of noises...

what else

the mc was quite funny. for kat-tun, it was REALLY funny. i was really surprised (didn't have my hopes up, after watching their earlier cons, and the mcs i've seen were really boring ones..) can't helo but wonder... but maybe it was because jin wasn't there?

oh, yea!! one of kisumai accidentally fell off the stage during the mc! (don't think he was hurt too bad, tho, cause he did come back to the stage when kisumai performed fire beat after mc)

start of their first encore was quite cool too.... they came back to the stage riding horses. (koki in front, leading them!) XD and during 2nd encore we finally saw shirtless men, when koki took off his shirt! *laughs*

and the whole con ended in koki's words "ore mo minna daisuki" (i'm pretty sure he meant he only loves me, but was just being polite to all those random fangirls around me.....)

ok.. that's my report for now XD
Music: tanaka koki - make u wet ~chapter 2~
yoko_maru on July 26th, 2010 01:25 pm (UTC)
My dear, I love your way of writing. :)) I think my neighbors call the emergency, because I was laughing so loud. :D

Ueda's part is best one.....a terrible solo? I hope you aren't deaf now? And he sings in english....that's a real bad idea...I mean, Jin is real good in english, but I don't understand even him, so why, by god, sings this little princess in english? - Now I am afraid of the DVD. XD

Koki's solo was "Make u wet chapter two", ne? Somehow I like this song on the cd, so I am excited about his solo.

nakamru is everytime very cute, I like most of his solo things too. :)

Kame sounds intersting, he does everytime something new. :)

And Taguchi, yes, alright, he is Taguchi, it's okay. XD

So Jin wasn't that missing? Who sang his parts? I hope it wasn't Ueda all the time. XD

minilielminiliel on July 27th, 2010 12:58 am (UTC)
i'm glad you like my writing! and don't get locked up in any institution before you've recieved yoko-package!! XD that would be sad.. yoko sitting inside a package and counting, while you're somewhere locked up in a nice, little room *laughs*

luckily they took turns singing jin's part quite well.. so no, it wasn't ueda all the time. but in my opinion, nakamaru should sing more of those. he has really nice voice (unlike ueda!)
but really i was surprised how well they managed to make up jin's absence. but maybe this means they really can make it without him being there!
yoko_maru on July 27th, 2010 06:28 am (UTC)
Oh, how cute...XD My little Yoko in a package in front of my door and counting, and I am not at home....no, that's impossible. I'll wait at home :)

Oh, so they managed Jin's missing quite good. I am happy about this, so I can buy the DVD without so much fears. :D
I hope they made it without him.
miniliel: nagase_grumpyminiliel on July 27th, 2010 11:18 am (UTC)
lol. that would be bad, leaving yoko there alone, counting and counting... XD so you better not laugh too loudly there!

yes, i think i will invest and get the dvd too, when it comes out (incase i have any money left after this trip).. today i spent (again) 12000yen to cd:s and con dvds..
i found tokio con dvds!! they're quite a bitch to find used.. not to mention tokio cds... practicly impossible!! but i've found 4 (!!!!!) so far *isveryhappy* and lots of kinki. kinki is just everywhere XD and again, some kanjani (i found excite con! yay!) and many, many v6 cds with only ~2,3euros per CD!!!!!! do i love this city or what!!
yoko_maru on July 27th, 2010 11:30 am (UTC)
:D Yeah, but i think if I get Yoko, I'll open the package as quickly as possible, because I want to jump on him and tousle through his hair all the time. XD (and do other stuff, but we should stay g-rated XD)

I want to go there too...so many DVD and cds and whatever...it's a dream...I think I would leave all my money there....XD 2-3 euros for a cd???? Incredible cheap...seems to be a dream-city....XD I have to go there, defintely. XD